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  • Nowadays, more than ever, cybercriminals are targeting politicians and government officials. This kind of targets and their data are very attractive for cyberspies and hacking groups sponsored by foreign governments. With DeskVIP all data remain safe and private.
  • The innovative DeskVIP solution, tailormade for government officials, can prevent efficiently from cyber incidents and hacking attempts. Moreover, it can protect from data losses and any kind of cyber threats. DeskVIP solution can also provide cleared, certified cyber significant military equipment, as well as high-end security tools for high stakes operations.
  • Politicians and government officials must treat cybersecurity as a priority, considering the massive increase in data breaches and cyberattacks against such high-profile targets.

In addition to premium security, premium functionality can also be enjoyed through highly secure access to files and applications on a dedicated, fully managed cloud-based platform. This premium service also simplifies device provisioning and management, so the owner can be sure of having secure and comprehensive set up of the devices in scope, such as laptops and phones within the “secure island” created only for the purposes of each project.

DeskVIP offers a highly secure access to files and applications from a wide range of devices. Because of the importance of the data and communications involved, the customer needs to securely access hosted virtual desktops, using any device in any location, including computers, iPads and internet kiosks.

DeskVIP also ensures reliable, high-performance connectivity over any network conditions, to allow participants with different types of network connections, like 5G or 4G, and some other network limitations users might have. Part of the DeskVIP solutions was the building of a state-of-the-art cloud environment which provides security, stability, anonymity of the user and the data involved and resilience to any cyber-attacks.

The creation of this premium cloud computing architecture enables organizations to reduce or eliminate their reliance on on-premises servers, storage, and networking infrastructure. It provides a reliable platform on which applications can run, providing end-users with the ability to leverage the power of cloud resources. This service also provides secure file sharing and collaboration through the entities in scope.