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Executive Cyber Services
The world’s leading cross-platform secure communication suite
DeskVIP is a secure communication suite, tailored for VIPs, which delivers a variety of bulletproof secure data management and communication services, that was designed from the ground up combining top-notch security with simplicity and ease of use.
Unparallel protection

DeskVIP security services deliver the expertise to manage the prevention of the real-world everyday cyber threats. Protect your data from competitors, cyber criminals, foreign governments, hacktivists, journalists and intruders.

The provided services are tailored made for the numerous and demanding needs of our clients. VIPs are high-profile targets living high-risk, mobile lives – in most cases they become targets by malicious intruders and opportunists. This means that they need specialized services, in order to mitigate such risks.

DeskVIP security services deliver the expertise to manage the prevention of the real-world everyday cyber threats. Alongside proactive Intelligence, provided by DeskVIP, one is able to maximize Internet security and sensitive data transfer.

DeskVIP provides a high-density solution that requires less efforts managing any business tasks, while still providing a robust and highly compatible method for delivery of high-fidelity remote desktop and remote application experiences to users.

Protect your anonymity and secure your identity with our solutions.
Delivers on-demand desktops for users anytime, anywhere.
More easily meet the needs of geographically dispersed users.
State-of-the-art infrastructures designed to keep data safe and secure.
Data is fully encrypted by top security algorithms to keep you safe.
Protect & recover business or personal assets.
Bypass any kind of surveillance with the preconfigured mobile devices provided.
Discover DeskVIP endless possibilities and choose the most propriate plan based on your needs.
VIPs – Celebrities
What if you had your own private space to save your data? Now your data can be secure and you can have access from everywhere at any time. This package is the most appropriate for you!
Business Executives
If you are the CEO of your company, some business data should be kept confidential and away from your competitors. All executive members now can have access from everywhere at any time!
Government Officials
If you are a government official or a politician, now your confidential data can be private and secure. This package can prevent you from unpleasant incidents and hard cyber problems!
Why choose DeskVIP team?

Our customers benefit from the scalability, performance and personalized solutions we provide. Our security services deliver the expertise to manage the prevention of the real-world everyday cyber threats.

Our dedicated team offer to our customers an integrated, personalized solution, customized according to your special needs. DeskVIP is not an ordinary security tool, but a premium solution addressed to VIPs who need security, mobility, anonymity and independency.

Meeting up the needs of our clients we can deliver on-demand desktops for users anytime, anywhere.

Our customers represent almost every section both in public and private sphere, but they all have one common thing: THEY TRUST US.

We assure our clients that every single piece of their information is encrypted and highly secured from any unauthorized access. We work closely with our customers to deliver the highest levels of security and administration mechanisms with a unique hardware / software package, offering security, speed and operability.

Security, Anonimity & Privacy

We are fully aware of the data sensitivity DeskVIP is managing, therefore, the entire data is fully encrypted by top security algorithms both during the online communication stage and on the offshore Central Data Center. We use additional security layer, by adding an encryption based on a fingerprint security that ensures the data can be accessed only by approved users!

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiry. Our expertise consultants are here to help you. Regarding DeskVIP pricing you should contact DeskVIP sales department in order to be assisted via email or phone by a representative.