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  • Security of personal data is extremely important today, due to the increase of cyber threats worldwide.
  • Celebrities, CEOs and entrepreneurs in particular are often an attractive target for cybercriminals. This is why high end user data must be protected, but also accessible from everywhere, at any time.
  • DeskVIP is a premium security tool addressed to VIPs and celebrities in need of high-end security, anonymity and flexibility.

DeskVIP platform provides a secure access point for VIPs such as CEOs, businessmen and high-class entrepreneurs which simplifies management. With access to applications and desktops in the cloud, data is securely stored and protected against cyber risks such as data loss or device theft.

With DeskVIP, clients receive smart cyber-security solutions, always having an expert on their side. The premium VIP solution offers high quality, integrated security services that best meet each client’s needs. The platform provides safe solutions either at home or on the go, simply, effectively, anytime, anywhere. DeskVIP ensures access to important data from any eligible end-point device, anywhere and whenever serves best.

Another very important benefit is the creation of reliable cloud workspaces in order to ensure advanced data security. DeskVIP also offers proactive application monitoring, which allows real time monitoring of any key IT asset, processes and data management.

Platform’s experts provide faster solutions to deal with issues that arise across the entire IT infrastructure, to insure data safety and protection. With its private-cloud-oriented desktop services, DeskVIP gives customers a cloud computing environment, that is exclusively dedicated to a single entity or a service they need.

Another major advantage is the ability to physically isolate cyber risks by using virtual containers, while the service also allows secure web cloud building. Finally yet importantly, DeskVIP contributes to the mitigation of most common cyber threats, such as data loss, data breach and device theft. Cyber threats are constantly increasing and thus the need for greater data protection grows.